Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thoughts from a Kenyan Runner on Racing

Catherine "The Great" Ndereba has some great thoughts about racing.  Catherine is considered one of the top distance runners of all time.  She is the 4-Time Boston Marathon Champion, 2-Time Chicago Marathon Champion, 2-Time World Marathon Champion, and 1st woman to break 2:19 in the Marathon.

Her thoughts on racing:
"You know me, I don't have a tactic, and I normally start the race and see how I feel.  I do not run anybody else's race.  When the gun goes I must evaluate with my own body and see. Then as the race develops, I run accordingly.  So you can say that I do not have a set tactic for any race.  Along the way, I am monitoring my form and running entirely to how I feel, not what the other runners are doing.  If I feel good in the final miles then I will start to push from about three miles out.
When I am in the last few miles I am just concentrating on getting to the finish line and how nice it will be to be there.  The legs feel tired for sure, but that is for everybody." - quote from More Fire: How to Run the Kenyan Way

Catherine's thoughts on running road races during marathon training:
"I do races to just see where I am, not really to try and win the races.  That is not important.  But following the race I can look [at the result] and see what needs to be done.  Well, if I run a half-marathon and go under 1:10, then I know all is great, but if it is a minute or two slower, then i add more speed work to the plan."  - quote from More Fire: How to Run the Kenyan Way

Looking forward to our group workout Thursday night 5:30 behind the Ala Moana Tennis Courts.  Hope to see many there!  We will celebrate all the great achievements this past weekend at the Kona Marathon and Half-Marathon!

- Dr. Nate "Coach" Carlson

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