Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tomorrow Night Meet for 18 minute hard tempo then 5 min easy jog then another 18 minute hard tempo pace

Meet up at Ala Moana Park behind the Tennis Courst (mountainside/diamond side) for a dynamic warm-up of drills and strides followed by an 18 minute hard tempo pace run, then 5 minutes easy jog, then another 18 minute hard tempo run. End with 2 mile cool-down run and static stretching. Champion Run Group will continue to meet every Thursday night at 5:30pm this month at the same location. However, I (Coach Nate) will not be there due to a work schedule change and sleeping schedule change in preparation for a mainland marathon trip in a few weeks. Now that I live in Kailua, coaching the running group during specific training/competing cycles that my wife and I have gets difficult, due to the driving distance and late night for me. Other local runners will be running the workouts for me and I will continue to post workouts on the blog and FB pages. Most likely, I will be able to be back at the group by the end of the month or beginning of July! Great job everyone at Ekiden this past weekend! Keep up the great training and keep having fun! - Coach Nate

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