Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Champion Running Group Thursday Night 5:30pm at Ala Moana Beach Park: Workout is Fartlek Pyramid's of 1min-2min-3min-2min-1min x 3-5 reps with 1 min jog rest between each surge

We will meet behind the Ala Moana Beach Park tennis courts (mountainside/diamond head side) this Thursday night at 5:30pm for a Fartlek speed workout. We will warm up and then go into 3-5 x Fartlek pyramid of 1-2-3-2-1 minute speed surges/pickups with 1 minute slow jog rest between each. Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend. God has made each and every one of you with unique running and fitness talents. Weather you are a miler, a 5k runner, a recreational runner, a competitive runner, a 10k runner, a trial runner, a marathoner, or a have a unique skill and gift. God has never asked you to be anyone other than yourself. Be yourself, because you make a horrible copy of someone else! God made you an original for a purpose! The scriptures say about God and how He created you: "For You [God] formed my inward parts; You [God] covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You [God], for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalms 139:13-14a I will see you tomorrow! - Dr. Nate

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Run Group Work Thursday Night 5:30pm is 3 x 2 mile repeats with a 4 min. jog recovery between each.

Champion Run Group is open to all to come out Thursday nights at 5:30pm. This weeks workout will be 3 x 2 mile repeats with a 4 minute jog recovery between each 2 mile interval. We will perform a dynamic warm-up before the workout and a cool down. Where? Ala Moana Beach Park behind the tennis court (mountainside/diamond head side of tennis courts). Who? Anyone who wants to get a great running workout. Especially those that are training for the Pearl Harbor Bridge 10k and the Hapalua Half Marathon. This workout is perfect for you! Remember: Life is like running a race, winning at life is not always how you start, its how you finish! What you do on your journey to the finish line can set you up for a great finish or a horrible finish. Thank goodness that God gives everyone grace who receives his love and forgiveness because we all mess up along the race of life and need mercy and a second chance! Train smart, train hard, and live large! - Coach Nate

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anybody and everybody is welcome to come out for Mile repeats at Ala Moana Park Thursday at 5:30pm

Workout: 4-5 x 1 mile repeats (start at goal ½ marathon pace and cut down to 10k goal pace) w/ 2-3min jog recovery between each, then 10 min jog cool-down/recovery afterwards. When: Thursday night 5:30pm Where: Ala Moana Beach Park behind tennis courts (mountainside/diamondhead side of courts) Who: Anyone who wants a great running working with a bunch of run people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. Hope to see you there! - Coach Nate Carlson

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Running Group Workout tomorrow night: Fartleks 1min hard - 1 min easy x 35 min.

Champion Run Group will meet tomorrow night 5:30pm at Ala Moana Beach Park behind tennis courts (mountainside/diamond). Workout: 10 min warm-up, then 35 minutes of 1 minute hard - 1 minute easy jog, then 10-15 minute cool down run. Will Gardner will be leading the group this week. I will see everyone at the Ekiden Relay this weekend! - Coach Nate