Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Champion Running Group Workout for Thursday is 16 x 400m repeats

Champion Running Group can meet up for 16 x 400m repeats at 10k goal pace with 1 minute rest between each interval repeat. If you don't have a GPS or cannot go to a track then perform each interval repeat for 90-110 seconds instead. I will be off island for almost a month, so please continue to meet every Thursday night 5:30pm at Ala Moana Beach Park behind the tennis courts (mountainside/diamond). I will try and post the workouts every Wednesday night as able. Please email me at with questions or message me on the group page on FB. Hope to see a bunch of you at the Maui Marathon weekend! Polina and I are running the 10k and 5k and will be there the whole time! Keep training hard and hope for some great results this weekend! Great job everyone the past 2 weekends. Everyone is running fast and placing well! - Dr. Nate

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