Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tempo Run Tomorrow Night at Ala Moana and Watch Polina Run LIve this Friday and Saturday

Aloha Champion Running Group! Tomorrow night at 5:30pm we will meet behind the Ala Moana tennis courts (mountainside) for a 5-mile hard tempo run (or 35 minutes, whichever you get to first) around Ala Moana Beach Park. Your pace should be between Great Aloha Run goal pace and half-marathon goal pace. Should be hard! Charlie will be running the group because Polina and I are flying to Seattle Thursday morning. Polina is running in the UW Invitational indoor track meet at the University of Washington this Friday and Saturday ( I believe you can watch the track meet live on Flotrack ( if you pay for a month’s membership (which is awesome). She runs the 5k at 5:40 Pacific time (3:40 Hawaii) and on Saturday will run the 3k at either 2:20 Pacific time (12:20 Hawaii) or 4:20pm (2:20 Hawaii). People that are in the Seattle area come out and watch and our Hawaii community can watch online. I’ll be back next week for the group! Have a great training weekend! - Coach Nate

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