Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Coach Nate Returns for Tomorrow Night's (Thursday) Running group short tempo workout

Aloha Champion Running Group! We will do a short tempo of 10 minutes at 10k pace, followed by 4 minutes easy jog, then 10 more minutes at 10k pace, then a 10-15 minute cool-down run. I’m excited to see everyone and congratulate everyone for great races over the past weekend. I'm proud of all of you. Tommy (male) and Yuko (female) won the Kona Marathon in PR times. This is tremendous considering that the course if very difficult. Also, in case you had not heard, Polina placed 7th at Grandma's Marathon on the mainland in a time of 2:38:15, which is a US Olympic trials qualifying time and a huge personal best! I’m a proud husband and coach! Everyone works so hard at the workouts and throughout the week with their training and I’m happy to see all your hard work pay-off this year w/ great times and places in all your races. As you continue to honor God during your training and racing, He honors you. “…those who honor Me [God], I will honor…(1 Samuel 2:30)” See an inspirational clip here with this principle: Rest up, train smart, honor God, and have a champion mindset! - Coach Nate

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  1. check out this inspirational clip about honoring God and using your gift to honor Him.