Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Workout tomorrow night 5:30 at Ala Moana Park: 30 minute tempo run. Important info about the group in this blog! Please read!

The Champion Running Group will continue to meet...unfortunately I will no longer be able to make it to Ala Moana Beach Park for the group due to now living in Kailua and conflicting work and commuting schedules. I have been trying to make it work for the past 3 months but it is not working for me during the week. I will continue to post the entire workout every week. Please continue to meet at the same time and place. I am hopeful that at least one time per month we can all meet in Kailua as a group on a Thursday night so I can be there and coach and help everyone out! Plus, Thursday night Kailua has an awesome night farmer's market with lots of food vendors! This Thursday Night's workout 5:30pm at Ala Moana Beach Park (behind tennis courts, mountainside) is a dynamic warm-up consisting of walking high knee pulls, walking lunges, running butt-kicks, running high knees. Then perform 6 reps (50 meters) of progressive stride-out accelerations to get the leg turnover going. The main workout is a 30 minute hard sustained tempo run at half-marathon goal pace. Finish the workout w/ a slow 10 minute cool-down jog and 10 minutes of static stretching (hold each stretch 30 seconds). This workout is great to prep for the 20k or the Windward Half-Marathon next weekend! I will be on the course biking around to cheer people on during the Windward Half-Marathon. Hope to see a few of you there! Polina is running the Half. I am proud of everyone that comes out to the Champion Running Group every week and runs hard. Everyone has improved so much and I enjoy meeting new people too! It pains me to not be there to encourage and direct the workouts but this is for the better and hopefully we can start doing more in Kailua soon. Inspirational word for the day: Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, working for the Lord God and not for the approval of Men. Honor God with your talents and your running, He has blessed you with abilities and talents. You can live your whole life trying to please others but you never will please everybody. However, God is already pleased with you because He created you and accepts you for who you are no matter what you have or have not done. Take the pressure off yourself to gain approval from others and live for an audience of ONE (God). - Dr. Nate

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