Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Half Marathon workouts for tomorrow night and next Thursday night

Champion Running Group: I will be at the airport the next two Thursday night flying to watch and coach Polina. Please keep the group going in prep for Hapalua. Polina is running the NYC United Half Marathon this Sunday morning and next Sunday will run the Anthem Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. The NYC half will be live online and you can track her live! Go to Live Results on Twitter #UnitedNYCHalf race and then you get live updates on 5k splits by signing up at: Or, Watch Live on TV or Online at #UnitedNYCHalf action on @ABC7NY from 7-9AM EDT! The workout tomorrow night is Half Marathon Alternations: 6 miles total and within the run alternating paces of 800m at 5 seconds under your half marathon goal pace followed by 800m at 35 seconds slower than your half marathon goal pace. Shoot me a message if you have questions, or if you don't understand this workout. If is like a sustained tempo run but with pace changes. The workout for next thursday night is a modification of Half Marathon Alternations: 7 mile run and within this run alternating paces of 1000m at 10 seconds under you half marathon goal pace followed by 600m at 30 seconds slower than your half marathon goal pace. Once again, shoot me a message if you don't understand. These workouts are modifications of workouts that one of the Oregon Project assistant coaches gives his half-marathon runners. Have a great 4 weeks leading up to Hapalua and I will see everyone hopefully in 3 weeks. - Coach Nate

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